When I grow up...

Today Laurel asked me if she could be a pink fairy when she grew up.

No, I said. Then I thought about it. Maybe she can. Who am I to say who can be a fairy or not? What does she really mean by that anyway?

Tonight, I hosted the neighborhood association meeting, and we had a very lengthy discussion about bylaws revisions, which is a totally necessary conversation, but also very boring, when it's not a heated disagreement. (We have passionate neighbors.) I'm the president, so it's my job to keep the meetings running along smoothly. I wondered what a pink fairy would do at a meeting such as this, and if it would make for a better meeting.

At school, I'm teaching a section on prime factorization and it's going pretty well in that I can think of all kinds of real world examples and even invented a card game. Video clips, manipulatives, the whole nine yards. Today I showed them pictures of Margaret's farm and we calculated area for planting vegetables. It was a weird schedule, because the juniors are taking the PSSA's so we had 13 periods instead of 9 and they were all kind of short. I'm thinking the administration at my school could use a pink fairy to make a better schedule. They could use a pink fairy for a lot of things.

Laurel talks about growing up all the time. This morning, she told M that when she got big, she would "cut things all by myself".

Pink fairies and knives, that's my daughter.

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