Speed of Life

Blink and it's Friday. Inhale, exhale, Monday morning again. Sixty-one days of school left. Turn around and Laurel is suddenly in need of 3T clothes and says phrases like "I won't be patient". One gallon of gas in the tank. Think...did I turn off the stove this morning, before I left for work? What would be better, to sleep or to work on some writing? One is good for my body, one for my soul. Who wins in a contest between your body and your soul? Did I mail that bill? Do we have diapers? Have I called my grandma lately? Why are there 57 emails in my inbox again? Let's eat leftovers for dinner, wait, there are no leftovers. Ok, eggs then. Has anyone fed the cat? Laurel is playing Scrabble by herself in the living room. She needs a haircut. We all need haircuts. Remember to email Todd and Erin a thank you for dinner. In January. How is it spring already? What happened to winter? What happened to 2011?

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