I have an idea!

Laurel is full of ideas. M and I are the kind of people who act quickly on ideas that seem good. For instance, last night after dinner, Laurel said, "I have an idea! Let's go to the pet store and see turtles and fish."

Well, that seemed like a reasonable request, nevermind the late hour, driving rainstorm, and the fact that it was a weeknight. We needed cat food anyway. So, off we went to the pet store, where we saw a lizard that looked like a snake, some very happy rabbits, and a lot of goldfish.

She tried it again tonight. "I have an idea! Let's go to the zoo. They have monkeys and elephants there."

I wonder if it is confusing to her to figure out when she's going to get what she wants and when we're going to say no or not now. I don't think you can really enforce rules for kids that you don't follow yourself. That's why it bothers me that kids at my school are not allowed to use their cell phones. Obviously, I don't want them to text each other in the middle of math class, but who cares what they do with the 4 minutes in between classes in the hallways? I certainly take the chance to check in with my husband and make sure

Sometimes, though, having a kid around highlights problems in my own habits. Like ice cream for dinner. Or brushing my teeth while walking around the bedroom getting dressed. It's not like there's a rule against either one of those things in our house. But it definitely makes me think, hey why am I doing this?


Anonymous said...

One of my happy memories from childhood on Friendship Avenue is getting into the car at night and going with my parents and Janice to the zoo to feed the deer. They were out in the open behind a tall chain link fence. We would park along the road and feed them crackers in the dark. A crowd of them would gather there, nosing each other out of the way. Once we fed them a batch of cookies I made, when I added a half cup of salt instead of a half teaspoon. My mother said "I have an idea; let's go to the zoo and feed those cookies to the deer." We always went on the spur of the moment, and it was always an exciting treat before bedtime. I wonder if the zoo's deer still roam on that hillside and if families can come and visit them, feeding them through the fence. How's that idea, Laurel?
Aunt Mary

Unknown said...

That triggered a few memories for me. Spending the weekends with my grandparents(B and M)when I was a kid and getting spoiled rotten. Family trips to the lake. Thanksgiving trips to Aunt Mary's. Family birthday parties for our kids, nieces and nephews. Bike outings all over PA usually ending at an ice cream shop. Trips home to Pittsburgh. And now seeing our kids as mature and thoughtful adults. Life is good.
Uncle Joe

Anonymous said...

I remember taking you guys on an adventure to Magic Rock (or for the boys it was Snake Rock). It was in the woods behind G&G Benz's house. I'm sure I could arrange a hike back there with Laurel :~)
Aunt DC