Mom Weekend

I had the most amazing weekend. Airstream aside, it was my turn to head out of town for an overnight trip with my mom friends. We went to Lindsay's parents cabin near Ligonier. The weather couldn't have been better. It was cold, but that just makes sitting by the fire even cozier. We took a lot of walks around the cabin, and also at Lin Run park.

We spent hours talking. We don't have much of an opportunity to talk without interruption these days, what with all the toddlers racing around underfoot most of the time. It reminded me of our early days of motherhood - that first long, snowy winter, when we were always curled up nursing our babies in each other's living rooms.

The nature of my job exposes me to some of the very worst in parenting. It was nice to hear how each of us is striving to be good role models and good teachers and give our kids enough space to let them make mistakes and learn. Striving and sometimes struggling. There are still sleep issues and feeding issues and what-do-you-do-during-temper-tantrum issues.

I'm off to the races for another crazy week. Grades are due and I'll be hammering away at my stack of IEPs, and oh yeah, I might try to teach some math.

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