A Peck O Dirt....

So, Laurel dropped her sandwich cracker on the ground at the playground and then picked it up and put it in her mouth. It definitely had some of those blue rubber pieces on it. Another mom (whom I did not know) saw The Incident, as I shall call it, and most definitely raised an eyebrow. Did I feel slightly judged? Yes, I did. I thought about shouting, "it's organic!" but decided that was besides the point entirely.

My friend Elaina sent me a link to this article about overparenting. I especially liked reading some of the comments. I mean, does crack cocaine hurt a fetus or not? And is whether you drank during pregnancy more or less of an impact on your kid than whether you hover over their homework?

I was thinking about this as we were doing our nightly post-bath-pre-bed-hide-and-go-seek fest on my bed. You see, Laurel recently learned to somersault on the bed. And last night she took a tumble off the bed and conked her head. I felt quite neglectful, as a parent. However, the room is carpeted and the mattress is on the floor, so perhaps she just learned a good lesson without suffering a concussion.

My dad always says you gotta eat a peck of dirt before you die, so I'm just going to chalk the dirty cracker up to that.