Laurel says "baba" when she wants something to drink, presumably meaning bottle? She figured out how to drag her pull toys around without tripping on the string. Her favorite game is "put this thing in a box and then take it out". As I type this and sip my coffee on a Saturday morning, I just watched her take her favorite book (Foil Fun ABCs) over to the sofa, climb up on the sofa with book in hand and then lay back on some pillows and start to page through it. I love that she can entertain herself.

And have I mentioned the potty? She pees on it several times a day. Even pooped in it a couple of times.

There were many times over the past year where time seemed to be moving very slowly. I thought it would always be 3 am and I would always be tired and Laurel would always be crying. But then I woke up one day and she was a toddler and the three of us were giggling in bed together on a Saturday morning.

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