Saturday Brunch

Man, I love these babies and mamas. I know I've said this before, but I don't think I would have survived the first few months of motherhood without these ladies. Not that Mark wasn't helpful, but sometimes you just need to sit around with some other women and chat over tea. Or have somebody else cuddle your fussy newborn while you go to the bathroom. Commiserate over sleepless nights and celebrate joyful milestones. Yes, it is very helpful when a half dozen babies are born right in your neighborhood within a few months of each other.

Babies Now and Then

They actually play with each other now, compared to the first time we arranged them on the couch and they looked like little lumps. Well "play" might be a stretch....they mostly just snatch toys off each other, while competing for attention from us by doing incredibly cute things.

And when the dads get involved? Well, it gets a little crazier...

It's fascinating to watch your own child develop, but it's even more amazing to watch a whole gang of babies grow up. Their personalities are so distinctive, and I can tell who is crying from another room, just by the sound of their voices. A couple of the kids are already walking and they'll all be there before we know it. Gone are the days when we could just line them up on the couch or floor while they dozed. When we all get together now it can only be described as chaos. Even if everything is going pretty well, one baby is falling on something, another two are play tug-of-war over a toy and the rest are either whining or babbling. It's impossible not to smile.

Constant Motion
If there was a theme to life these days it would be constant motion. The babies, us chasing the babies, us trying to get stuff done when the babies are sleeping, etc.

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