Daycare and Weaning and Weekends

It's nice to have a three day weekend following the first week of school. There have been so many changes lately, and it was nice to just hang out with my family for a few days. However, it raised a new question for me...do you keep the work week schedule on the weekends? It's more a problem for breastfeeding than for sleep. Before I started working Laurel was fed on demand. She was kind of a snacker and would nurse for short periods of time every hour or two. Obviously this worked because we were together all the time. Now, she eats larger amounts, a great deal more solid food, and nursing has been reduced to perhaps 4 times in a 24 hour period. But this weekend, I found myself falling back into old habits and nursing her a little more. We also slept in (woot!).

So my question is...do you try to keep your weekday and workday schedules the same? Or do kids learn to adjust back and forth between them?

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Amy said...

I kept the weekday schedule and even pumped some of the times that I would have if I was at work instead of letting her nurse on the weekends. I had to stick to the weekday routine even on the weekends so that she didn't get too confused. But Laurel is a lot older so maybe she will adjust better?