Not quite morning...

The schoolbuses are chugging through the intersection outside, and I am somehow dressed and ready to go already, waiting on the coffee to brew. Is it morning if it's still dark? I prefer a life that follows the sun a little more closely. Laurel woke up at 4:55 today, making it to within 20 minutes of my alarm. In a few minutes I'll be in the car on my way out of the city, travel mug in hand. (You may recall that I once pledged to never again live a life where travel mugs were necessary part of the morning routine..."I'm finishing my coffee...")

There will be papers to grade and detentions to write. I will probably have at least one moment of panic at the whiteboard where I think I've forgotten how to calculate the mean, and then will realize that it's all fine and everything up there makes sense. My days at school pass quickly, I think because I have a really nice schedule. Teach four classes, lunch, prep, teach, prep, teach, go home. Laurel and I will be reunited and hopefully we'll go for a run this afternoon, since I'm signed up to run a 10K in two weeks.

Coffee's done!


Anonymous said...

When do you correct homework?

Where does Laurel go to daycare?

Joe said...

Sounds familiar. All you need now is two big dogs and a nightly walk :o) Our big news; Aunt Donna's mom joins us in one week for a one month visit, on the day after her 80th birthday. We will have a full house again. Donna, her mom, Heather, Eric, Cameron, Abby and Chloe. Oh, and me too. Lisa is also a frequent visitor. Life is good.
Uncle Joe