I Miss It Already

Or, possibly, I'm afraid of change. My tenure as a stay-at-home mom is ending. Like tonight. I'll be reporting to my new job tomorrow at 7:30 am. My new job is high school math teacher, which is just weird, but I'm kind of excited about it anyway. I like math. Or I did back in 1998, which was the last time I took an advanced level math course. I thought I got an A, but I had to gather up my transcripts for the HR department, and it turns out I got a B.

I had all but given up hope of landing a job for this school year and was really starting to settle in as homemaker. Not that I'm particularly good at it, but we always have toilet paper and the floors are swept on a regular basis. And Laurel seemed happy. But there are property taxes and an aging roof and the prospect of private school tuition looming in the rapidly approaching future, so off I go. Not to mention an advanced degree and a talent for teaching that ought to be used.

When M and I first got back from the AT, he got a job and I spent the days at his parents house, crafting a memoir I never published. My heart ached for him all day long, because for over a year we had spent most days and every night within physical reach of each other. Laurel and I have a similarly close physical relationship at this point, and I'm packing tissue in my purse, because I know I'll be crying for her in the bathroom shortly after the 10am coffee break.

Laurel will likely be fine. She's going to spend the day with my Uncle Bob and Aunt Cathy and my cousins. She'll probably be thinking, "Wow this is great, no more boring mommy, and having to ride around in the backpack while she does housework."

Wish me luck!


Trisha R. Butler said...

Why didn't you ever publish your memoir? I'm sure it's a fantastic read!

Anonymous said...

Good luck, sweetheart! You'll be great. Love, Aunt Mary

p.s. Lucky Bob and Cathy. I'm very envious.

Anonymous said...

Best wishes for you in your new job! I know that leaving Laurel must be very hard. Nice to know she is in many good hands! :-)
Aunt Laine

Anonymous said...

Katy, the school and the students are very lucky to have you!
Aunt DC