I did it!

I ran my first 5K race today and I rocked it. Not by going fast, which I am not, but by nicely pacing myself and pushing a little at the end. I feel good about achieving a very tangible goal and am grateful for M's encouragement, and also to Grandpa Curly and Grandma Cake for babysitting L during the race.

Now it's the weekend and we already did things like take a nap and eat giant omelettes with Margaret's eggs and homemade salsa. Tonight we may venture out to see some friends. Tomorrow we're going to Rices Landing to visit some family. In between all the relaxing and visiting, I'm hoping to get a few things put together for Monday, and chop down that weird tree that is growing out of the garage (this home ownership stuff has some weird jobs from time to time).


Anonymous said...

Congrats on the run. If I can get my ankle fixed we can do one together.


Anonymous said...

Go Katy! You're great.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Katy!! I don't know how you are keeping up with everything but whatever you are doing . . keep up the good work!!
Aunt Laine

Anonymous said...

Congrats Katy. You're the best :)
Aunt DC