Rachel Carson Challenge 2010

When the summer solstice rolls around, it can be time for only one thing, and that's the Rachel Carson Challenge...a test of endurance like no other. This year Mark signed up for the full Challenge (35 miles), and Laurel and I did the Friends and Family Challenge (8 miles). The Rachel Carson Trail winds through the suburbs north of Pittsburgh, from Harrison Hills Park to North Park.

I somehow convinced three of my friends to come along, so a total of four mamas carrying approximately 80 pounds worth of babies hiked from Hartwood Acres to North Park. Prachi, Niam, Sarah, Kai, Lindsay and Teddy joined Laurel and I. (Yes, it was hot. No, it is not dangerous to take babies on a long hike in the summer, as long as you keep them hydrated and out of the sun.) At the last minute, Caveman of Ohio joined our team and we truly enjoyed his company.

We figured that M would pass us somewhere along the way and we looked forward to cheering him on. However, as the miles ticked by without seeing him, I assumed that maybe the heat got to him and he was moving slowly. That is until, I got a text message from him saying that he was at the finish line. He finished ninth. Official times aren't posted yet, but he made it 35 miles in about 8 hours.

That's really dang fast, and you should be impressed.

I'm not sure how fast we did the eight miles. We had to stop several times to nurse the babies. My dad met us along the way and brought ice cold gatorade for us. Prachi and Lindsay's husbands met us and hiked the last mile or so with us. We had a great time and the babies seemed to enjoy themselves, although Niam and Teddy protested loudly about being in the carrier so Lindsay and Prachi ended up carrying them in their arms for the last half mile.

I learned a few things during this year's Challenge.
1. I have great friends.
2. You can take babies practically anywhere with a little preparation.
3. M never ceases to amaze me.

Also, thanks Mom and Dad for picking us up just in time to miss the torrential rain.

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Anonymous said...

I am impressed with YOU and Mark.
Congratulations guys, you never cease to amaze me!
Aunt Laine