Life, flying past....

Just when I was beginning to feel despondent over the heat, the weather broke, and Pittsburgh today was clear and crisp and comfortable. Nothing makes my afternoons better more than a box arriving with the mailman, and today I received a box full of aprons. There really is nothing like a box full of aprons to make you smile. I immediately launched into a daydream of the dinner parties I would throw...looking elegant but busy as the guests arrived, dressed up underneath a frilly tea apron. There would be cocktails, and M would be wearing a smoking jacket. Laurel of course, would be asleep in her nursery, as it seemed all children were after 6:00pm during the 1950s.

We have greens and greens and greens this week. Bags full of spinach and beat tops standing cheerfully in a bonne maman jar. Arugula and bok choy. Mark whipped up a sort of Indian version of a falafel for dinner tonight. Laurel surprised us both by wanting to eat it, and then wanting more. She's a very adventurous eater. She likes foods that she can feed herself and foods that are spiced. Hand that girl a piece of lettuce and she gnaws on it happily for a half an hour.

Laurel spent the afternoon with Aunt Meg, and seemed to enjoy herself. I went out to Mt. Lebanon to meet with a new tutoring client. After our trip to Philadelphia, Pittsburgh seemed small as I crossed the rivers again and again. No traffic. Lots of green.

I'm looking forward to a visit from Leah, who was our neighbor in Phoenix, who I still consider my neighbor, even though she lives on the other side of the country now. It's fun to introduce Laurel to people I have known a long time. This past week, we spent a lot of time with Jamie, a friend from college. Cousins are visiting this weekend. Cross your fingers and wish us an uneventful Fourth of July for a change.

M is baking bread. Laurel is asleep. The house feels quiet and cool and is just messy enough to look lived in but not be aggravating. Soon we'll turn off the lights and cuddle up for the night, to start a whole new day of small adventures tomorrow.

Life is flying past.


Anonymous said...

Feel free to share those aprons with your mother. I believe she showed some interest. Or with any of Eleanor's descendants. Notice that they were freshly laundered and crisply ironed. I saved one for myself.

Anonymous said...

That's my girl. Will eat anything, even off the floor.
G pa