Laurel had a playdate with a girl (for a change!)...Lily, who is the 6 month old daughter of my friend, Amy. It was fun to watch them scoot around on the mat. They are now pretty aware of each other (Laurel kept wanting to pinch Lily). They don't exactly play with each other, but they do occasionally go for the same toy and it's pretty fun to watch them fight over it. Aunt Mary just sent us this awesome, colorful foam mat with interlocking pieces that makes a perfect play place for babies who still sometimes topple over sideways onto their heads.


Anonymous said...

Too cute. Love that play mat.
Aunt DC

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to see Laurel enjoying her book, even nibbling on it. Aunt Mary

Heather said...

They are both adorable! We are getting so close to finally getting to cuddle Laurel instead of just watch her grow through pictures. Can't wait to see you guys!