Six Month Check Up and Some Darn Good Indian Food

I took Laurel to her six month well baby check up. She's 27 1/2 inches long and exactly 15 pounds. Long and lean, as the doctor says. She had to get three shots. She's about a thousand times more wiggly than she was at the last check up so holding her down is a real trip. She handled herself about as well as could be expected. After the first shot, her cry sounded like, "ow!". After the second shot, it was more like "what the ^&*?". And after the third shot, it was a full blown "help! alert! pain! alert! stop!". She turned bright red and all her veins popped out. However, she regained her composure relatively quickly, and was pleasant for the rest of the afternoon, which was good, because I locked myself out of the house and spent the next four hours driving around to all the places we had been looking for my keys. Not having any luck at that, I eventually went to Oakland and picked M up after his physical therapy appointment (his fingers are getting much better, in case you were worried). Naturally, there was rain and wind and Laurel lost one of her socks, so I got a few judgmental stares as I was carting Laurel around. And then we found the keys in the front yard. I guess I dropped them when I was getting the carseat into the car.

Once we got home, we had to meet with a guy from the door company, and that's when Laurel sort of lost it. I gave her some peas and put her to bed, and I'm crossing my fingers that she'll sleep better tonight than she did last night, when she woke up at 12:30 all wiggly and smiley and ready to play. The best part of tonight was when M whipped up a batch of chapati, transforming our leftover aloo matar into a delicious meal. Now he's baking crackers and the house is all warm and savory smelling.

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