Road Trip(s)!

Right after we got back home from the River House, Laurel and I took off for Charlottesville, VA with my mom. It was Laurel's longest road trip and she handled it spectacularly. The weather was beautiful on the way down and it's a really pretty drive, so my mom and I had fun, too. I got to introduce Laurel to some C-ville friends, and we (of course) ate lots of good food, prepared by Aunt Mary. Laurel finally showed some interest in avocados and bananas. When we got back to Pittsburgh, we headed straight back out to the Butler Outdoor Club Extravaganza, where we camped out and hiked and hung out with Caveman of Ohio.


Anonymous said...

Come back soon to Charlottesville. We miss you. Aunt Mary

Anonymous said...

I know it wouldn't be long before Luarel would be driving . . .but this is a little TOO SOON! I guess Mom operates the gas and brakes! :-)