Grade School Reunion

Laurel and I had a playdate with some of my old friends from grade school and their children. Angie and I were actually in the same kindergaraten class and I met Jenna and Mary Beth in sixth grade. Laurel was extremely excited when Angie and Mary Beth showed up at our house with their girls. Angie's second daughter Abigail is a year old and she seemed to connect with Laurel right away. Laurel was laughing out loud and grinning like crazy. We took the kids to the playground at Frick. I haven't done that too much because Laurel is just as happy with playing with a tupperware lid right now. But she seemed to really enjoy watching the other kids and took her first ride in a swing. Jenna met us at the playground with her little boy Luca, and the funniest thing was when he grabbed her camera and actually took some really great photos (and he's not even 2!).

I don't hang out with too many of my childhood friends. (Unless you count Mark. We hang out all the time.) I think I tend to think of my adolescence as a fiery pit of hellish memories. But seeing these girls reminded me of a lot of good times from my youth and it was really crazy to see us all looking pretty much the same, but loving our new roles as moms.

Now Mary Beth just has to move back from Chicago so we can do this all the time!

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