These days...

1. I have a 10 pound bag of braising greens in my fridge. Let's not even get started with how many beets and radishes there are rolling around in there. Bountiful harvest season, indeed. Do you have a CSA?
2. I'm going to be wearing a banana costume and holding a sign that says "Slow down, we cross here" this Friday afternoon.
3. I can't believe this story, about hunting an octopus. I cut it out of the paper and am taking it to my high school kids tomorrow.
4. I got pooped on today. I'm sort of surprised this doesn't happen more often.
5. I also played at the playground today. Like really played. Rode the merry-go-round and everything.
6. I'm planning our first real "kid" birthday party for Laurel. She'll be four in a couple of weeks.
7. I am afraid to make the dentist appointment I really need.
8. We think we need to buy a second car. I want this one.  Also, for carpooling purposes, I really, really want to fit 3 car seats in the back of my Honda Fit. Can it be done?
9. M just ran a 50 mile race. Not to be confused with a 50K. Yes, I am impressed, too. But also, he thinks it's fun to run that far. It energizes him. So, we love that he does it
10. Marko is going to be 9 months old this week. Happy 3/4! He's still the happiest, most chill little baby in the world. He only yells when I take away the paper he is trying to eat or when his sister squishes him.


Anonymous said...

Is is safe to conclude this story by saying one of Uncle Joe's famous phrases...."Life Is Good" ?

Anonymous said...

Three car seats in the Fit will totally work. I've seen it done!


k said...

Some people may need to ride backwards. Not sure if they will like that.