Baby on the Go!

Where's he going in such a hurry?
Marko has this determined crawl he uses when there are a bunch of kids jumping around and he wants to join in on the fun. He has a sneaky crawl he uses when he spots a speck of paper on the floor across the room and wants to get it without me seeing him. He stands sturdily without holding on to anything, but as soon as he attempts to take a step he crashes down hard. He studies us carefully to see how we do this walking thing. I predict he'll be taking his first steps in the next month.

He calls me mama-umma. Four teeth came down suddenly from his top gum, so now he has 6. He reaches for M's beard. He likes graham crackers. We have taken to putting a gate up in the dining room door so he can play on one side and Laurel sets up on the other. If they are not separated, he does nothing but smash down whatever she has set up and she does nothing but shriek. But put up this mesh gate and they happily chat with each other through it while playing.

Today they both have colds and are happily taking long afternoon naps (that's how you know a 3 year old is actually sick).

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