It Could Be the Weather...

I've got a serious case of bliss. It could be the weather...we've had a whole string of blue-sky days during the time of year when the trees are getting leaves and everything is blooming. This morning I packed up the stroller with snacks and diapers and we took off across the park, in search of a playground with kids at it. We found a bunch of kids at the playground next to the Children's Institute, which seemed to satisfy Laurel. On the way home, I took a short cut through the cemetery, which was really a long cut, because the paths are winding and deceptive and I kept coming up to a dead end against the iron fence. Of course the stroller is nice, but there is no way to squeeze through the fence posts, like we could if we were just on foot. Eventually, we found our way out and ran into some friends near the entrance. I had a brief time period where both kids were napping this afternoon and I took the opportunity to meditate. We had enough leftovers in the fridge for dinner (yum, shepherd's pie...why have I never made you before?), so the afternoon was really chill. We painted on the porch and visited with neighbors. We did a little grocery shopping for some food for the weekend and picked up M at work. While I put the baby to bed, M and Laurel went out to the park to run around for a while and now everybody is asleep in my dark, quiet house.

Just a regular old day, but really nice for its pace.

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