Hot Here. And other updates.

I have two freshly bathed, but already kind of sweaty kids. It's hard to coax them into bed tonight. As the sun sets, we can hear the kids next door splashing in their pool and the birds quieting down in the trees in the neighbors yard. Our house stays pretty cool if you keep the windows on the sunny side closed, so in the morning I open up everything on the street side, and then close them as the sun inches its way over the house. But still, it's hot and I haven't pulled the window AC units up from the basement yet. May seems to early to turn them on anyway.

Mark O will be 4 months old tomorrow. He rolls over from back to front and then inches around on his belly. He doesn't have very good control of his body yet, so sometimes he gets tangled up in the blanket he's laying on. He likes to suck on his hands and to pop a pacifier in and out of his mouth. He's nursing a lot this last week or so, maybe because it's hot now, or maybe a growth spurt. He has settled into a routine of 3 naps a day, with a bedtime around 7pm. He wakes up once or twice at night to nurse. He's really a pretty chill baby, unless I ignore his cues to put him to sleep. When he was a newborn, he would just conk out wherever he was, but now he likes to be put down in a quiet place. If I don't get him there when he's ready, he bugs out a little bit. He also hates riding in the car, which does not bode well for our many camping trips planned for the summer.

Laurel is 3 and a half. I just gave her a new chore of setting the table for dinner. She loves My Little Ponies, camping, road trips and ice cream. She's very vain about her hair, which I have to admit, is pretty gorgeous. She's amazingly insightful, and is asking us really tough questions now. (What is death? When will my nipples go away?) We are trying to find the balance between giving her accurate information and giving her age appropriate information. We have a set of rules for the house. She totally calls us out when we break rules, which is sort of annoying, but also kind of cool to have a kid who will really hold you accountable. She cries about everything, which we tend to ignore, unless she wants to talk about it. She's getting better about bedtime. She still ends up in our room almost every night, but has been better about staying in her bed in the evening. 

He fears her enthusiasm, I think.



Anonymous said...

LOVE the caption !!
aunt laine

Anonymous said...

Did Laurel ever recover Soft Baby?

Aunt Mary

k said...

Yup! Mark went and got her the next day. We had already left for DC so he texted pictures of her to us. It was really sweet.