Random Friday Thoughts and Links

Slow start, Friday morning. It's sunny, but the frost is still thick on my porch shingles. My desk sits next to the window overlooking the porch roof, and I can see everyone walking by. Perfect location for a nosy neighborhood association president like myself.

M took Laurel to school this morning. We're trying to get in the habit of him taking her so that when the baby is born, I won't be trying to get out of the house with a newborn in the morning. See? Thinking ahead. M & K are catching on to this parenting thing.

She was in a fantastic mood this morning for some reason, and happily got ready (it took some convincing to get her to wear pants, though). He sits her on the back of his bike,  and she hangs onto the rack. I suppose if we lived in Uganda or India, he would just pedal over to school, but that's frowned upon here, so he just walks his bike. Perhaps not the way you would do it, but it looks very cute and seems to work.

Here's where I've been clicking around on this week.

This poster from Brene Brown captures a lot of what I believe as a parent.

Interesting thoughts on Santa?

Just heard about yet another pedestrian hit-and-run accident this morning. This year saw a lot of sad headlines about incidents with pedestrians and cyclists. Check out the City Paper's write up here. I will be attending a lot of traffic meetings in the new year.

I obviously need to buy this for our new baby.

New show I just discovered. Kind of like the Daily Show but more raw.

My letter on behalf of the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh went out today via email. I feel slightly awkward having asked half the county for money (I just don't normally do stuff like that. I have trouble sending invoices to clients.) However, it's an institution I believe in, and really, even just $25 makes a difference. Let's all pitch in!

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