Heat Wave: The point in the summer where K longs for Central Air

I try to avoid looking up the weather report. But then I can't help myself and the 90 degree days are lined up through the whole week's forecast, and I sigh, but I'm not surprised. I wonder if there will be rain, but when it's 92 degrees, you don't even bother taking an umbrella with you; you'd rather get wet in the rain.

M went to the farm to work today. Since he took the car, Laurel and I set off by bus. The bus is air conditioned, and not very crowded during the day. Laurel delighted the old ladies sitting up front by shouting "Wheee! We're going fast!" and "That's Penn Avenue! I see a church! I see a Target!"I took her to the doctor's for a check-up, and then we went to Whole Foods and the library. All the free air conditioned places I could think of on the 71C bus line. The bus was definitely the highlight of our outing, though.

The toys haven't been picked up in days, and I just finished yesterday's breakfast dishes, because the kitchen is so hot by the end of the day that I give up on my early summer dream that "as soon as school let's out, I'll regain control of the housework, creating a household of peace and tranquility." Yes, I really do think that on a regular basis.

M came home with a crate of beet greens that he could not bear to see left in the field (Margaret, the farmer, just got a fancy beet cleaning machine, but you have to take the tops off, so most of them get left in the field at the harvest to be composted). He just weighed out the first pound and it hardly made a dent in the pile, so if you want some greens, give us a holler.

Occasionally, we talk about getting central air, but since we have radiators and no HVAC ductwork, it's a giant, huge, costly project and, besides, I think there's some merit to fully experiencing the seasons.  For one, Laurel smells like summer all the time now. Sweat and popsicles and swimming pools. Secondly, I really needed to chill out this summer, and the heat gives me plenty of reason to swing on my porch swing. And finally, when the crisp air of fall hits, it will be delicious and welcome.

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Anonymous said...

I love beet greens. I wish I lived closer. I steam them and enjoy them with a little dollop of sour cream on the side. I like that so much I've never tried anything else.

Thank heavens I came home to electricity. Many of my friends were without it for 4-5 days, and one still has none.

Aunt Mary