AC, I'm over it...

Heat wave broke. It was only 87 today and it felt heavenly. We started the day off with breakfast at the Square Cafe with my parents and it was lovely to move into the rest of the morning without any dishes to do. Laurel ordered pancakes and clapped with delight when they came out with strawberries and whipped cream.

Today felt like a normal summer day, and not an impossibly hot, end-of-the-world kind of day. M set up the grill and made jerk chicken and tempeh and a big pot of peas and rice and Laurel ran around in a sprinkler and we ate a lot of popsicles. I drank an ice cold, made-with-real-sugar coca cola with my dinner and now I can't fall asleep. I'm one of those people who are super sensitive to caffeine (I look like a detoxing junkie when I first go off coffee).  I guess I should have known better, but it was totally worth it. I filled a cup to the brim with ice and put a lime in it. Better than AC.


Anonymous said...

To M:

How 'bout them BUCS?

Beach Bum

m said...

And that. 13-2 on the radio, no better way to go into the all-star break!. Better if there were more games, they're on a tear.