Home stretch (of Phase 1)

Sunday will be day 14 of the elimination phase of my diet and I plan to reintroduce lemons, limes and tamari, as per the plan I'm following. (Not all at once, I'll do one at a time for three days and log possible reactions). For some reason, the thought that this is only a few days away is making me feel very relieved. I'm trying to brainstorm some foods I can take camping with us this weekend. M dehydrated one of the lentil soups I'm taking, but if I'm avoiding nuts, bread and dairy, that pretty much rules out our usual camping fare. I think I need to stock up on some dried fruit and pumpkin seeds. And pine nuts.

Maybe because I had my kids do a patterning task lab with toothpicks today (15 year olds with sharp stick...even little ones...eek!), I really wanted to sit down with a glass of wine and put my feet up. Or get some take out food so I wouldn't have to do dishes. Or eat one of the chocolate chip cookies that M baked (now that he is a Business Man, he can code and bake...awesome!)

But even though this feels a little like deprivation, it's really pampering. I'm pampering my gut right now, instead of my taste buds.

Yes, I'll just keep repeating that....

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Anonymous said...

I hope you get some answers soon, and some relief. Good luck.
Aunt DC