Day 10 of Elimination Diet

I'm on day 10 11 of my elimination diet, and while I don't really have cravings for any of the food I eliminated, I am getting kind of tired of the phase 1 foods. I just cooked up a pot of lentils and it's pretty satisfying, but I think this weekend I need to get more experimental with sauces and dressings for my food. I also need to be conscious of adding salt and fat to my food. Right now, I'm basically just eating mounds of quinoa and rice, roasted vegetables, lentils and adzuki beans and green smoothies. Tuesday was "wellness day" at my school and I was surprised to hear our presenters push a vegan diet...although they called it "plant-based nutrition". I'm not sure my colleagues knew what to make of it. They were talking about diets that not so much keep you slim, but that prevent or heal disease, like cancer and diabetes. I recently connected with a friend who experienced many of the same problems I've been having and found her solution to be a grain-free, plant and meat-based diet. So veggies, meat and dairy work for her. It was very encouraging to hear her story, both because she's experiencing a healthy gut, so I can see that there's light at the end of the tunnel and because she makes scrumptious food that works with her dietary needs. Seriously, check out these muffins...grain free and vegan??? What?! My skin is clearing up, and I've been sleeping better. I'm completely off caffeine and didn't experience any bad headaches while I weaned off of the last little bit. I have a really runny nose, though, and I'm waiting for the...err digestive symptoms to clear up. I got a tip from my friend, though, to avoid rice, as it can absorb a lot of water in your gut. So, I will cut out rice for the next couple of weeks, as I add back in lemons and tamari and white potatoes. I see a lot of quinoa in my future.

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