A list of Happiness

These things make me happy....

1. Questions that stump me. For instance, today in Algebra 1 we pondered what happens when you try to apply the distributive property to absolute value symbols. And Laurel asked me what that thing is called that you put the money into on the PAT bus.

2. Having photos around. I just ordered some random prints from Snapfish of things like me climbing on mountains and Laurel splashing in a fountain in Chicago.

3. Getting mail. I have two friends that regularly write to me. Coming home and seeing a colorful envelope with a familiar return address lifts my spirits before I even open the letter.

4. Cutting things out of construction paper. I don't know why, but I'm really into this right now. My classroom is starting to look mildly kindergarten-ish.

5. Quiet spaces in my day. Ninth period prep. Driving to school at 6:00am - no traffic, no radio, still dark outside, except on occasion when a full moon lingers in the sky. But these are relative quiet spaces...still quite noisy. I think a silent retreat would do wonders for me. True quiet and stillness for days and days.

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