Is Fit go?

M and I bought a car today. It's bright red, and brand new, and very spiffy.

This was a new experience for us. M drove his last car for almost 12 years. (Remember back in 2006 when Sandy hit 90,000 miles while we were driving a lazy, counterclockwise loop around the country?) The car we most recently had been driving belonged to my grandmother, and was also nearing 12 years old. I never really got over the time the brakes failed while we were driving with another couple to birthing class. I barely knew Sarah at the time, and I'm happy to report our friendship remains strong, despite this terrifying event. Anyway, we decided the repairs that need to be done soon are not worth it, so we traded it in.

M made me promise that we would not eat in the car (the cheddar bunny situation got a little out of hand in the Taurus), and to wash the salt off on a regular basis.

The Fit is subcompact, but feels surprisingly roomy. Since M did most of the work researching the car and negotiating the price, he got first dibs on driving it. But I got my turn soon after that. Laurel was all for getting a new car, as long as it was red.

One of my favorite things about the car was that the carseat was ridiculously easy to install. Previously, I would always end up sweaty and cursing after fighting with seat belt straps. The Latch hooks were clearly marked and easy to reach. Also, we've been listening to our music via the old-school tape deck adapter. Boo for sound quality with that set up. However, now we can just plug our phones right in and the music plays from the radio. You can even change it from a button on the steering wheel!

So, Fit is definitely go! And I smell a road trip in the near future!


Anonymous said...

You'll never regret getting a Honda.

Road trip ?????

Anonymous said...

Three words: drive to California.


Anonymous said...

Hey is that Pete and Megan I see in the back seat?? yuk-yuk
Love, Aunt Laine ;-)