Oh, December

December sucked and I've had about enough of it. But one good thing that happened was that this album arrived on our doorstop. Other good things included some incredibly well-timed play dates and moms-nights-out. They just happened, just when I needed them to...fitting perfectly into the fabric of an up-and-down life.

Anyway, I don't have any answers or wisdom. I just know that some days it makes sense to turn the record player up really loud.

I am here
You are all I have
Fire of fire
I'm insecure
For it is all
Been made to plan
Though I know
I will fail
I cannot
Be made to laugh
For in life
As in death
I'd rather be burned
Than be living in debt...

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Anonymous said...

I love this album. Sufjan came to Boston right when it came out and gave an outstanding concert complete with balloons. Balloons! Often, when I listent to him, I think of you and Mark since you introduced me to him. I hope your January gets better. In any case, you'll always have Sufjan. :)