A New Mode of Transportation

M scored a Burley bike trailer on Craigslist last week and we went out for a little family bike ride fun today.

Nothing about this weekend turned out the way we planned. Laurel was mad about everything and melted into a toddler puddle over the most inexplicable events. We wanted to get some yard work done and do another little mini-camping trip to scout a permanent RV site, but it kept raining. Still, it has not been a bad weekend. We made blueberry pancakes for breakfast. I planned to study calculus, but instead went out with Sarah to a real bar, with no children. And of course, there was the bike outing. Ever since last weekend, when M got Laurel her bike helmet (it's yellow with monkeys on it), she has been looking forward to going for a bike ride, or at least the chance to wear her helmet. We decided to stay close to home, both because of Laurel's current combo of wiggliness and tantrums, and because I haven't really ridden my bike in two years. (TWO YEARS!?) We rode through Frick Park and then followed a couple of roads that have bike lanes to get to the library and Commonplace, for coffee. I was fine on my bike, by the way, even though I couldn't remember how to shift gears for the first mile. I am really excited about the bike trailer because it took no time at all to get to the library, so I feel like it really opens up a car-free way to travel again. Laurel seemed to enjoy it but was a little uncomfortable; I think we need to work on adjusting all the straps to make it work for a teeny tiny kid.

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there. This is the first year that I have really strongly identified as being a mother, as in when someone asks me what I do, I think of my role as a mom. I give hugs and stern warnings, and know that Laurel doesn't like her food served too hot, and I can tell she's getting tired before she gets cranky and I will read Good Night, Moon or Trucks or Big Bird's Birthday Party for the 700th time with the same enthusiasm as the first time. I don't let us run out of milk or clean socks or Cheddar Bunnies. I have a spare diaper and a packet of wipes tucked in my purse. I can function somewhat normally on two hours of sleep. I can recognize my own child's cry even if 5 or 6 other kids are crying or laughing or shouting. My heart jumps and skips and drops when I watch Laurel scampering up the playground equipment, fearlessly. I schedule my day around nap time and bed time. My car is covered in stale Cheerios. I am completely satisfied to sit on the floor and build towers and then knock them down over and over and over again. I remember what life was like before Laurel, but I cannot remember ever being this happy. This satisfied. This joyful. This scared. This complete.


Anonymous said...

Happy Mother's Day! or Mothers' Day, as Nicholas Kristof says it should be called. Sadie wants to know if there is room for her in the bike trailer. Is it a cart for toddlers that is pulled by a parent on a bike?
Love to all,

Anonymous said...

And a Happy Mothers Day to you, Katy!!
Aunt Laine

Anonymous said...

You're doing a great job Mama Katy, Miss Laurel is a pleasure to spend time with.
Love, Aunt DC