Mother's Day

Thanks for all the Mother's Day well wishes. I wrote the other day that this is the first year that I really feel like a mom, and it later dawned on me that other people are starting to see me grow into that role and identify me with it. Anyway, I truly appreciate the sentiments. My friend Elaina sent me a link to this article, and it seemed very timely, especially as I've been watching Laurel tantrum her way through life lately. Sometimes I'm fearful that I'll do the wrong thing and she'll turn into one of Those Awful Teens that I spend all day with, until I remember that they're going to turn out just fine too. (Unless they're not, but that's a story for another blog.)

I was going through the few childcare books that I have (you may remember that I already pitched a few of the sleep books that came into my house) and I was trying to decide which ones I would pass on to M's sister, who is expecting a baby in July. I decided that the Happiest Baby on the Block and the American Pediatric Association First Year of Life are the only two that are really worth anything and are not overly dogmatic, as is the problem with most babycare books.

We had a long day yesterday and are anxiously awaiting the arrival of my sister (yay!) who is coming to visit with her boyfriend. Laurel conked out right at 7 after a very late bedtime on Sunday. She's so funny when we put her into her crib now. She'll try to cling to you like a monkey, but if you resist the urge to pick her up, she'll just turn around and curl up in a little ball and wait for you to give her the baby doll, which she tucks under her arm.

Now it's time to get Laurel up and off to daycare so I can go to school. Twenty-one days left!

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