Spring Break, Part II

M has been sick all week. Laurel and I managed to escape (so far), however, Laurel did manage to do a face plant on the basement floor this morning, so we had to work an emergency visit to the dentist into our spring break. The nurse took one look at Laurel, who was already trying to climb on every piece of furniture and dental equipment in the room, and said, "I don't think she's going to sit still for an X-ray."

Umm. No.

I had to sit on the exam table, draped in lead, and then hold Laurel down, also draped in lead. Then we had to coax her to open her mouth enough to slide the film in, and then she had to hold still for the camera. Getting her to open her mouth for the exam was easy...we just tickled her.

She's fine. Soft foods for a few days and watch for signs of infection.

So, with all of that excitement, I should be conked out with M upstairs. But I can't sleep. We went to bed early and then a fire truck inexplicably stopped in front of our house, lights on and everything. Then it drove away. I resisted the urge to turn on the police scanner ap on my phone. Instead, I came downstairs for some chamomile tea and Jimmy Fallon.

Jimmy Fallon reminds me of last winter. Of nights and days turned topsy turvy. Of swaddling Laurel tight and ever-so-gently setting her down in the crib, praying she would not wake up. Now, she's sound asleep in her bed and I'm the one who can't sleep.

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