Happy Easter

Today, we dressed Laurel up and took her out to M's parents house for Easter dinner, a day early. When you have a lot of family, you end up celebrating each holiday every day for approximately a week. Easter has turned out to be one of those holidays that is a lot more fun with a one year old than without. Secularly, anyway. I don't think Laurel has changed my stance on the religious aspect of it.

Laurel loves hunting for eggs. By "hunting", I mean, I put cheerios in her plastic eggs, and while she watches, put them under pillows or behind the couch. And then she runs up and "finds" the egg and opens it up and eats the cheerio. All while squealing with delight.

It's very fun.

I was also very happy today because we got to go see our Airstream. I spent a half an hour playing house, peeking in all the little nooks and crannies and cupboards. M found me standing in the shower, playing with the door. I remember liking the idea of a trailer when I was a little girl. I liked the idea of a small, tidy space, where everything has a spot to be stowed away in when you go from one exciting place to the next. I took a look at the curtains and slipcovers that I'll want to replace and started brainstorming about fabrics.

We made an impromptu stop at the toy store on the way home and I bought a package of fake mustaches, with the intention of wearing them in math class on Tuesday. I'm introducing ratios and proportions. Somehow it seems very logical to introduce a new topic while wearing a fake mustache. By the time we got home, Laurel was so tired that she asked to go straight to bed. I was reluctant to put her to sleep without dinner, but she insisted. An hour later, after M had cooked up a baked potato and the smell wafted through the house, she was up again, calling for us from her crib. We brought her downstairs and stuffed her full of leftover curry and a cupcake.

Now I'm trying to review for a certification test I have to take next weekend and bits and pieces of 11th grade are coming back to me. Cosecant. Remember that?


Joe said...

Donna and Lisa made Easter bread last night and we did QAQC taste testing on one of the four loaves. It passed our rigorous standards with flying colors.
Happy Easter,

Anonymous said...

Trigonometry taught me humility. Aren't cosecants part of that? I loved geometry. The nuns at Sacred Heart never wore false mustaches. Maybe if they had, would I be teaching math??? Hmmm...

Easter was one of my favorite holidays on Friendship Avenue. I loved dyeing eggs, and we made fondant eggs and dipped them in chocolate for our family and as gifts.

Is anyone taking pictures of Laurel in her Easter finery? Happy Easter to all friends of WHBOM&K! Aunt Mary

sarah said...

1/sine = cosecent?

Good luck on your test. I have a very cute picture of Kai and Laurel going "night night" that I'll send ya.