Not one picture?

I must ask you to imagine a two and a half foot tall human gleefully finding herself upright, of her own volition, for the first time in her existence. (I do have a video of the historic event, don't worry. However, it's stuck on my phone and I don't know how to get it off and my precious computer time is better spent on the Plato Learning Lab Praxis software, since I need to take my math teacher certification sometime in the next six months.)

Laurel is walking! Today M helped her walk into daycare and she was greeted by cheers! (This is how I know we have a good daycare.) He said she seemed very proud of herself, and it must have done something to her disposition, because she was pleasant at daycare all day and even took two naps. Yesterday she discovered grilled cheese at Big Jim's in the Run, while we were treated to an unexpected visit from Caveman of Ohio. Danna made a ridiculous amount of pumpkin roll this weekend, and there's still cups and cups of pumpkin leftover. I see a pie in our future, if Laurel doesn't end up eating it all for lunch this week.

We also neglected to take a single picture of a very nice party to celebrate M's grandparents in Saint Marys, PA. Hopefully the cousins will post some photos.

I'm beat tired and feeling the end-of-the-grading-period slump. I had a very unproductive conversation about subtracting negative integers with Period 7 today. I do not look forward to ten thousand conversations with parents who will suddenly be concerned about their offsprings' avoidance of homework completion, and who will, no doubt, argue with me about 1. My syllabus (which is why it's intentionally vague), 2. The grading policy (determined by the district - not my fault!) or 3. My accommodations of special education students (thoroughly and lovingly documented in color-coded detail...I did my part to ensure your child had access to a Free and Appropriate Public Education.)

Anyway...hot cider on a cold and wet autumn night, with a baby sleeping upstairs and a husband quietly studying in the other room is awfully comforting. There's no place I'd rather be at the moment.


Anonymous said...

I want you to get your math certification, but I hope we won't have to wait 6 months for that video. Love, aunt Mary

kxm said...

I humbly submit to you a potential use of that extra pumpkin. You will not be sorry:


The title is merely accurate, not hyperbole. :-D