Grandpa Curly and Grandma Cake (And Aunt Mary!)

We went to visit M's family yesterday, since our planned visit last weekend didn't work out on account of Laurel's ear infection/cold/general malaise. She's feeling much better, although she has a troubling cough. Troubling to me, that is. Our pediatrician, Dr. Carl, reassured me that babies get colds, colds take a few weeks to clear up, and it's all perfectly normal.

This latest bout of illness, along with some teething has made for sleepless nights for M and me. However, as Laurel nears her first birthday, which is just over a month away, I am confident that she will start sleeping all night. Any day now. The good thing is, I work with high school students, who are also very tired during the day. We get along great.


Anyway, it was a beautiful drive out to the country where they live. The leaves are starting to change color. On the way there, we saw a half dozen turkeys meandering through a corn field. Laurel was extremely interested in Mary's cat, Belle, who is the tiniest cat I've ever seen. Belle was fairly accommodating and let Laurel pet her.

Laurel had a great time playing with the blocks that Grandma Cake brought out, and Grandpa Curly fed her cheese and crackers. Mary got her some cute Halloween socks, although Laurel promptly took them off. We ate some delicious zucchini, and headed home just as the sun was setting.

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