Life With Babe

What is life like these days at the Frey house? Well, we run on a 24 hour clock, for one. There is not so much "night" and "day" as "when Laurel is awake" and "when Laurel is asleep". Thanks to the help from friends and family, we continue to eat well. One thing about our offspring is that she really digs personal attention...she wants to be held all the time. Luckily, we can strap her on to one of us in the wrap carriers and go about our business. There are lots and lots of diapers. She has an uncanny ability to wait until we have changed her to let loose again. Unfortunately, she is a bit small to fit in the cloth diapers we bought her, so we are spending fortunes on disposables for right now. Hopefully in the next week or two, she will plump up a bit and I can get her in the cloth. The weather has been wonderful, so we've been able to go out on some short walks. I am getting better every day, and hopefully will be able to drive again very soon. All in all, life seems very simple...I do nothing but eat, sleep, feed and change the baby and take a shower every day. The simplicity of it is kind of comforting. We're off to see the pediatrician this afternoon for another weight check, so cross your fingers that she's still gaining!


Anonymous said...

Enjoy this simple life as long as you can. What else could you be doing that would be more important?

Love, Aunt Mary

Anonymous said...

Pencil me in for a "holding session" with Laurel. I would be more than happy to give you a break!!
Aunt Laine