Laurel Saves Us from the Jehovah Witnesses

Only a week old, and she has already proven her usefulness...

This all starts with a minor plumbing disaster last week, which required M to recaulk the shower this morning. Caulking involves a fair amount of toxic fumes, so Laurel and I were exiled from the second floor for a while this morning. The only thing wrong with the first floor is that there is no bathroom and none of her supplies are down here. And since she poops herself with great regularity, I had to change her on the couch. So anyway, we were chilling downstairs eating and pooping and changing diapers and napping.

She was sleeping peacefully on my lap when there was an, err, overflow of sorts. So I stripped her down and was attempting to clean her up, when it occurred to me this was a perfect time for her bath, which we were planning to do later. So M dragged down the bathing supplies while I wrapped her in the cloth diaper that I was using as a changing pad. Yes, it was covered in poo, but so was she at this point.

And then she peed on me.

So, I'm standing there, covered in pee and poo with a naked baby, who has a satisfied grin on her face. M and I are looking a bit haggard since we were not able to shower on account of the whole caulking thing.

That's when the doorbell rang. Saturday wouldn't be Saturday without a visit from the Jehovah Witnesses. They love coming to our house because we always answer the door. They launched into their usual greeting, when they caught sight of me and the naked baby and the pee and the poo. For the first time ever, they made a quick exit.

We gave Laurel a high five for saving us from the Jesus pitch. And then we gave her a bath.

Now I have a sweet smelling baby laying on my lap asleep.

And she just pooped again.

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