Separated By A Continent

...but our love remains strong.

Happy 10th year anniversary to my precious M, who is currently traveling back to Phoenix from Atlanta, via Birmingham.

An even decade ago, I was wandering around Hampton Community Park, without an inkling that I would meet my future husband that very night. I had to ask permission to watch fireworks with my friends, instead of with my dad. I was also granted permission to go to the EatnPark with my friends after the show. (This was a big deal because I was grounded for approximately 70% of my adolescence.)

Among those friends that night was M, and can you believe that he still has the scrap of place mat that I wrote my phone number on?

I'm so glad he called me.

We had a lovely weekend together in the ATL - I highly recommend the Flying Biscuit for eating and the Atlanta Botanical Gardens for seeing an amazing array of plant life. I have 13 more days of "institution" - as some people are beginning to refer to the summer institute training program, and then it's back to Phoenix to be reunited with my love.

Happy 10th, M!

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