The New Life

So, for months and months now, M and I have been talking about getting out of the proverbial rat race, quitting our jobs, traveling, etc. Well...we finally did it!

After having sold practically every stick of furniture in our apartment, we loaded some remaining boxes and a reluctant Rosie the Cat into the car and took off for Pittsburgh. We made the journey in a record-breaking 38 hours through a tag-team driving effort.

So now, for the first time ever in my adult life I can say that I am unemployed. I am also living with my in-laws. These are not supposed to be things that adults aspire towards. Certainly, the novalty has not worn off yet, especially since I spent the previous five weeks enslaved to Teach For America. Ok, enslaved is not the right word, as I freely sought employment at the summer training Institute, but I worked a minimum of 100 hours a week while there, reducing my salary to somewhere below the legal minimum wage.

Regardless, I am feeling pretty good right now.

However, we ran into a stumbling block this morning. As unemployed people without a lease or mortgage, we are having trouble proving that we actually live here. This will make it difficult to vote, register our cars, or obtain a driver's license. The real kicker is that we actually DO live here.

Don't worry, we will not let the Man keep us down, but any suggestions on how to get around this would be greatly appreciated.

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