Things That Happened This Week (So Far)

Max learned to laugh this week. Laurel was dancing in front of him and he went from his usual coo/grunt/heavy breathing to an actual giggle. A baby's laughter is a magical sound. It should be recorded and piped in to stressful situations.

I had to take him to the doctor for his eczema last week. He has it pretty bad. While I was there, they weighed him and he is 13 lbs 12 oz. He has great head control and can hold himself up pretty well when he's sitting in someone's lap. We got lots of new creams and a prescription antihistamine to try. He looked and seemed to feel a lot better over the weekend but had a big flare up last night, so now it's on to try an elimination diet for me, since he's still breastfeeding. This does not make me excited, but to be honest, I could do a better job of eating well, so maybe it's a good thing for both of us. I have a suspicion that it's eggs, so I'm going to start with eggs and dairy.

Laurel and I had a Daisy troop meeting. It's wild, this group of kindergarteners at 7 o'clock on a school night. Last night I was really dragging and didn't particularly want to be there. But M was home with two crying boys, so I guess at least it was a break from that. I really do like the Girl Scouts program, though, and we are very excited to do our first day at Girl Scout Camp in May. And when they sing their friendship circle song at the end, it is the cutest thing ever.

I went to two different social events, by myself, to hang out with other moms. This required a Herculean effort on my part to get out of the house because I'm beat-ass tired from getting up with Max all night and chasing Marko around all day. But I love talking with other women about stuff they're doing. Travel, volunteer stuff, work, politics, etc. I'm burnt out on talking about parenting/mothering at the moment....so I want to talk about other stuff, but for some reason, I really only want to talk to other moms about non-mom stuff. How much sense does that make?

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