Spring In the Air and other Misc. Thoughts

Over the weekend, we played in the snow for what I kept thinking might be the last time this winter. We met Pete and Megan and Lucy for walk in a little park near their house. It was awesome to see Laurel explore the frozen creek bed, and to see all the chunks of ice jammed up where it flooded during the last thaw. I'm pretty sure we only walked about a half a mile, but between that little hike and building a snow man, we were outside for a while, enjoying the warming temperatures. I think it was about 30 degrees that day. It was -2 on Friday, but right now it really feels like spring is in the air. I even have my windows open! I am really looking forward to hanging out outside with the kids without having to worry about frostbite.

Whoever invented Daylight Savings Time hated toddlers. And their moms. Marko is absolutely nuts right now. I had a friend over for tea and world domination plotting. I carefully set up some activities that would keep hiim busy while we visited. He helped me bake muffins before she came. He was fed. His diaper was changed. And yet, he behaved as if he had been awake for 24 hours. Tantrums, trying to eat from the sugar bowl, moving from one toy to the next and then demanding that I get out all the rest of the toys.  Not his usual laid back personality. (I'm kidding about the world domination, although we are in the beginning stages of planning a project to serve youth in our area.)

This story about screen time and blocks for little kids was making the rounds a couple of weeks ago. We received a big set of wooden blocks from M's parents a few years ago and they continue to be one of the most popular toys in our cupboard. The kids build towers and castles, but they also use them in imaginary play - they pretend they are food, or use them to build little beds or tables for their stuffed animals.

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