It looks like my friends in Shaler might be headed for a strike. It seems silly to have gone this far, 2+ years without a contract, in a place where everybody knows a Shaler teacher because they are neighbors and parents and taxpayers themselves. I stand in solidarity with the teachers, because I think what they are asking for is fair, and I object to the district quibbling over dollars and minutes when they aren't in a position where that's necessary.

But I suppose for both sides, it's about setting boundaries. You have to agree to the deal you can live with.

I read this today:

"Whatever you are willing to put up with, is exactly what you will have."
- Anon
I think M and I grew up the day we understood that idea. At times, it means fearlessly walking away from the safe thing. Leaving behind the good health insurance and middle class paycheck.  There are difficult conversations with bosses and colleagues. But oh, what a gift, to wake up every day and feel good about what you do. The money and what-not, it all seems to come around. We always have just enough, and that's plenty. Do you know this story?

This year has been all about setting boundaries for me, by sanding the edges of every little commitment and choice until they fit together smoothly. It doesn't work entirely yet. Maybe it never will.

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