Deep Summer

In the last week, I made two gluten-free squash lasagnas, a pot of carrot soup, gads of roasted beets, a zucchini rice casserole, and ate tomatoes by the bowlful. Deep into CSA season.

Lots of exciting things going on. We're leading a little bike ride tonight as part of BikeFest. Tomorrow is our big ice cream social on our porch as part of National Night Out. August is ticking away, but instead of waiting for the school year to start, I'm counting the dwindling days until I launch my new website and business! Exciting and utterly terrifying.

At my new site, I will be blogging a lot more about linguistics, literacy and early childhood development. There will be give-aways! (Who likes free books?) And I will have some terrific and affordable services and products to help parents tackle reading problems with their kids. (Or just learn about the process of acquiring literacy. Empower themselves to make better decisions about school placement. Ask the right questions about literacy programs at school board meetings and parent-teacher conferences. Access high quality reading materials for their kids. And so much more!)

Unfortunately, the launch will come after the summer sale at Barefoot ends. Books, puzzles, and puppets up to 70% off! Books make great back to school gifts for your kids' teachers. You can buy a couple of your favorite titles while they have the discounted price and then save them for the holidays or fall birthdays. Or if you are like me, you just cannot resist giving your kid a book for no special reason at all. Just because it's a book, and it's awesome and you can cuddle up together and read it at bedtime.  Anyway, here's the link to the summer sale.

As part of my new business, I'm a Barefoot ambassador, meaning I earn a commission from any books I sell in person or through my Barefoot link.  

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