I'll always remember the evenings that linger on pleasantly, while we wait for it to cool down before we go to bed. Street noises filtering in through open windows and the whir of fans in the background. Why do people turn on their air conditioners so early, and rob themselves of the feeling of being hot, of moving slow, of pouring extra glasses of ice water and sweat on the brow? We admired the rhododendrons in full bloom on the way home from daycare yesterday, and stopped at the water fountain to refill our bottles and chat with the guys who mow the Bowling Green. I work in a windowless room, and arrive before the sun fully rises, so I'm always surprised when I walk out of school after the dismissal bell and feel the heat enveloping my body. It reminds me of Phoenix, a feeling of being caressed, even at midnight, in the dark.

There are so many seasons changing right now...a birthday approaching, the end of the school year, the solstice on its way. I like the physical reminder of change that comes with suddenly hot weather.

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On the other hand there is England, where the temperature has not gone above the 40s since I arrived on Monday. There may be blue skies somewhere, but they're not over the UK. Still, I'm getting a second spring, because daffodils and tulips and beautiful lilacs declare their colors against the grey sky.