On Giving

M and I have been struggling with how we want to frame Christmas for Laurel.

At Halloween time, the candy became a very secondary focus, next to the snake costume. And while Laurel enjoyed trick or treating so much she pretended to do it in our house for weeks, I just discovered an uneaten bag of candy hanging in the closet. She never asked for it.

We're hoping to achieve that kind of balance for Christmas. How can we make it about people and celebration, without sounding like Bah Humbug Grinches that want to keep her from receiving gifts of any kind?

Well,this post pretty much sums up what we've been thinking.


Anonymous said...

Wow, so many choices of charitable things to do . . . .I am building bicycles to be donated to underserved children along with my co-workers. should be interesting.
As for Christmas . .. I was always torn about that. . . . good luck with whatever you guys decide to do.
aunt laine

Anonymous said...

**Just a footnote** Bike building was fun! After various games to earn the parts to assemble the bikes . . . they brought in the kids who were getting them!! Quite heartwarming!

PSS: the bikes were inspected before they were given to the kids.