"Hello, pumpkins, hello!"

Laurel has taken to emphasizing all particularly awesome observations with the phrase "oh. my. gawd."

As in, "Oh my gawd, big cows eating the grass!"

"Oh my gawd. Pumpkins!"

I missed out on the pumpkin patch visit yesterday, because I'm still sick. Mark took Laurel and they met his parents, his sister and Baby Alexis. The weather was chilly but clear, and when Laurel burst through the front door and excitedly told me about everything they saw and did, I knew it was one of the best outings of the season.


Anonymous said...

Great pictures! what a treat! Mary

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, sounds strangely like the phrase her YiaYia uses :)
Aunt DC

Unknown said...

Still sick? Wow. I thought you recovered from all that. What's up?
Uncle Joe