It Was a Dark and Stormy Night...

Yes, the weather is still frightful, but my reference is actually to the drink the M is mixing us up right now, as we prepare to watch the Social Network. Yes, life has come to this...OnDemand movies and pajamas at 9:00pm.

Laurel is on the mend from a very unpleasant illness which was finally diagnosed as a double ear infection. We went up to visit M's parents today and had fun eating waffles and playing with toys and seeing dogs and looking at the bird feeder. There is still a lot of snow up at their place, but it felt too damp and unpleasant to go outside, especially with a fire roaring in the living room.

M, of course, did some baking today. Our house may look a little messy right now, but it smells awesome.



Anonymous said...

Are you sure that this picture was not taken in a Parisian boulangerie? I can almost taste it.

Aunt Mary

k said...

Nope, I took it myself! But who needs Paris when you have a baker like this in Pittsburgh? :)

Anonymous said...

Can you bring some to judgement day to go with the chocolate cake?

Anonymous said...

I want very badly to taste that bread.