Ramp Up, Get Out

So a few months ago, I read this book about slow living, and began to embrace it as an ideal way of life. But in typical K Fashion, I was unable to actually transition my life into a slower pace. Sure, I began doing things like drive the speed limit (except on the 8 on the way to San Diego), and walk to the grocery store. I also stopped listening to the news every day and just caught up on Saturdays by reading the newspaper. I guess it was a step in the right direction, but my next move probably indicated that I hadn't actually embraced the mindset of slowness...

I got a job working at the Teach For America Institute...an intensive summer program that takes fresh-faced college grads and molds them into objective-focused, relentlessly working teachers in five weeks.

I'm serious. There is a rubric involved and one of the categories is Work Relentlessly. During the first week I was here, I worked 120 hours. I actually couldn't tell you how much I've worked since then, since I don't know what day it is.

So this is a last hurrah for working for a while. Would I do it any other way?

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